BOMA Youth Ambassadors are champions in the fight to #EndExtremePoverty in Africa’s Drylands



As a BOMA Ambassador, you’ll engage with one of the most pressing issues of our time with a non-profit organization that’s leading lasting change. BOMA provides women, youth, and refugees living on less than $2/day to start businesses and forge sustainable livelihoods. Youth Ambassadors work closely with BOMA staff to educate others about the problem of extreme poverty & BOMA’s solution. Ambassadors play a vital role in raising necessary funds to support BOMA’s programs and participants in Africa.


What Do BOMA Youth Ambassadors Do?


There are multiple opportunities to join BOMA as a Youth Ambassador through the year. Reach out to to find out more! During your time as a Youth Ambassador, you’ll work to raise awareness and funds using your unique interests and skill sets. After an initial meet-up with the BOMA team, we’ll help support your peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, community fundraising efforts, advocacy through social media or more traditional medias like your local newspaper, and more. If you come ready with creativity and dedication to helping BOMA make the world a brighter place, there’s no doubt that you’ll succeed. Here are a few ideas:


  • Share posts on social media about climate change, women’s empowerment and BOMA’s work — we will provide an extensive library of digital assets that you can use.
  • Start a fundraiser for BOMA using our peer-to-peer fundraising platform
  • Go into your local community to encourage support for BOMA’s work
  • Write an op-ed for your local newspaper about the importance of ending extreme poverty
  • Engage with the BOMA team and other youth ambassadors through our LinkedIn Group
  • Any other ideas you might have.




BOMA helps bright and capable people build a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities — and we want you to be a part of that important work! As a BOMA Youth Ambassador, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about non-profit work hands-on and make valuable connections in the industry.


When you finish, BOMA will provide you with a letter of recommendation for use in your academic or professional pursuits down the road. Plus, being an Ambassador opens the door for a formal internship with BOMA if you so choose. 


Okay, BUt can I really make a difference?


YES! As a small but rapidly growing nonprofit, grassroots advocates like Youth Ambassadors play a direct role in the thousands of lives BOMA transforms each year. So far, we’ve lifted more than 253,000 women, youth, and refugees out of extreme poverty and we hope to reach 3 million people by 2027. Join us!