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Our mission to deliver economic inclusion to the most marginalized and vulnerable individuals, foster empowerment, hope, and resilience to multiple crises, and promote prosperity has blossomed on a global scale. Discover all the milestones reached in our newly published 2023 Annual Report

BOMA is building pathways to rural entrepreneurship to end extreme poverty in Africa’s drylands. Our proximately led team has transformed more than 947,238 lives to date, and we’re working to transform the lives of more than three million women, youth, and refugees by 2027. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR REAP MODEL

2023 Annual Report

Since 2009, BOMA has helped more than 800,00 people break free from the intergenerational cycle of extreme poverty. In 2023 alone, we enrolled a milestone 53,000 new participants in BOMA’s poverty graduation programs across six countries. This marks the highest number of new participants enrolled by BOMA in a single year.

Top 10 Key Programmatic Lessons Learned in 2023

As an organization built around continuous innovation and improvement, we are always working to capture and grow from key learnings in our programmatic design, targeting, impact, technology solutions, and nearly every aspect of the work we do. Leading the charge that formalizes this process, our Research and Learning team serves to document and share these learnings so we can work to make larger, more long-lasting impacts for the diverse array of individuals and communities we serve through our poverty eradication programs across the drylands of Africa.

2023 Quarter 4 Impact Report

Since 2009, BOMA has helped more than 800,00 people break free from the vicious, inter-generational cycle of extreme poverty. We are closely alongside our partners in six countries — Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Cameroon, and Burkina Faso — to foster rural entrepreneurship for prosperity with dignity. Learn more about our work in the fourth quarter of 2023 in our Quarterly Impact Report.

World Bank PEI Open House | Economic Inclusion: Empowering Women for a Climate-Resilient Future

This Open House by the World Bank Partnership for Economic Inclusion (PEI) dove into how government and NGO-led economic inclusion programs are incorporating innovations such as green technologies, climate-smart farming techniques, and clean energy to improve women’s climate and livelihoods resilience. Featuring our very own Chief Program Officer, Anna Mecagni, join us for a overview of our climate.

How is BOMA Transforming Lives?

BOMA’s Rural Entrepreneur Access Program (REAP) has empowered thousands of people to escape extreme poverty. It started by empowering pastoral women in Northern Kenya, resulting in successful businesses created, increased education for girls and better meals. REAP proved so sustainable and cost-effective that BOMA invested in studying and scaling this approach to combat rising levels of extreme poverty in Africa’s drylands.

Lessons from the Skoll World Forum 2023

"Climate, gender and poverty seem like different things, but when you go to the ground you’re confronted with the fact that this is the same issue. So we have to build and design something to address the scale of not just one challenge, but many challenges." — BOMA CEO Sam Owilly.

We are delighted to announce that BOMA was a part of a panel discussion at Skoll World Forum, where we engaged in a dialogue with Spring Impact, Co-Impact, and IKEA Foundation exploring impact at scale. Spring Impact compiled the essential insights, and we are excited to share them with you — click the link below to read now.

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