We will bring you beyond beautiful landscapes and immerse you into the heart and soul of this special continent. Our carefully crafted BOMA Journeys pair the best safari lodges and wildlife experience with the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes with BOMA’s expert field staff. You will experience the extraordinary stories of resilience from our participants and gain exclusive access to our programs.


Experience Africa through an immersive, private, and fully customizable journey, personally hosted by BOMA’s local team.

Witness first-hand how BOMA is empowering the people of Africa to escape poverty.

Build lasting connections with local people making a difference.

Travel responsibly from start to finish — including carbon offsetting.


From the Maasai Mara to Samburu, Mount Kenya and beyond, there is no shortage of breath-taking sights to see. Dive deep into the local culture as you explore the vast savannahs and herds of wildlife. While in Kenya, you will get a front row seat to BOMA’s work. Our heart is in Kenya, and we are excited to help you forge the same connection.


Uganda is one of the most extraordinary travel destinations in Africa. It’s a land of immense variety, and a single itinerary can combine an amazing breadth of experiences. Seek adventure in this intimate yet impactful landscape for memories that will last a lifetime. BOMA works with refugees in Uganda – one of our exciting and impactful programs.


For the adventurous spirits out there, Ethiopia is calling! Vibrant festivals, historic churches, unique wildlife, stunning volcanoes and breath-taking mountain ranges are just some of the things that make Ethiopia so extraordinary. BOMA is now established in Ethiopia, and you will get a behind the scenes look at our newest program and impact.

We are proud to partner with Thandeka Travel, a premier safari operator with extensive experience and knowledge of the region. Our partnership is based on shared values and ethos, ensuring that we provide you with an authentic and unforgettable Journey. To start discussing your BOMA Journey, contact us.