In Africa’s drylands, the youth are burdened with the harsh realities of unemployment, inflation, and drought, with few opportunities to break free from this cycle. But hope is on the horizon with our youth-adapted model. One such program the leverages this approach is our Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (SEED) project that targets vulnerable and marginalized youth. This program is specifically designed to equip young men and women, ages 18-34, with the tools and resources needed to build lasting livelihoods and escape the cycle of poverty. Unlike the classic REAP model, REAP for Youth programs enroll an equal number of men and women and offers enhanced business training, coaching, and business development services. With a condensed timeline of 12 months, the SEED program is a beacon of hope for young people in Africa’s drylands.

In 2021, BOMA partnered with Smart Regional Consultants (SRC), a private sector company affiliated with SMEs and county governments, to launch SEED for Youth. Supported by the county governments of Isiolo and Marsabit, this program addresses the pressing issues of youth unemployment and radicalization in the region. Drawing on BOMA’s extensive experience and established community partnerships, SEED equips pastoralist youth with the necessary skills and resources to establish sustainable livelihoods and lift themselves and their families out of extreme poverty.
The two-year SEED Project aims to empower 2,400 youth (18-34 years old, with an even proportion of men and women) to graduate from extreme poverty by establishing 800 youth enterprises. This will enable participants to have successful businesses, earn income, and access credits, loans, and savings. The program will also increase their capacity to influence 7,200 youth to acquire entrepreneurial skills for employment opportunities.