Nkesinoa, Gooblardagos Village, Model Release #82012 was a watershed year for The BOMA Project. We refined our cornerstone program, the Rural Entrepreneur Access Project (REAP), as an innovative two-year poverty graduation program. We launched 420 new micro-enterprises across Northern Kenya, including 40 in Samburu District, a new region of expansion. We fully integrated micro-savings into the REAP model, with a ten-part training curriculum for participants and 94% of new business groups choosing to join. We completed a comprehensive impact evaluation survey, established BOMA as a registered Kenya NGO, and transitioned from part-time mentors to a team of 17 full-time Mentors. We hired a field officer, won our first government contract, and customized Salesforce software to efficiently manage REAP baseline and impact data. Are we exhausted? Nope. We’re moving through 2013 with optimism, energy and gratitude. To read our 2012 annual report, click here.