Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 12.44.39 PMWe did it!

BOMA’s “We Believe in Mothers” crowd-funding campaign raised more than $43,600 in four weeks. That impressive total includes $28,600 from 232 BOMA believers, plus a $15,000 matching gift from one of our most generous and loyal donors.

These contributions will support BOMA’s work in 2013 as we launch 455 businesses across Northern Kenya, enrolling 1,365 women in a two-year poverty graduation program that provides a start-up grant, business skills and savings training, and sustained mentoring to women living in extreme poverty in Northern Kenya. In turn, they’ll use the income and savings from their BOMA business to pay for food, school fees and medical care for more than 6,825 children.

By giving women these basic financial tools—a sustainable income, savings and access to credit through BOMA businesses and savings associations—our donors are helping families to survive drought, build resilience and adapt to a changing climate in one of the poorest, hardest places on the planet. Thanks for believing, as we do, in the power and potential of mothers around the world.


Boreto Abel

Scott and Bobbie Addis

Barbara Alexson

Robert Alper

Cristina Alvarez

Beverly Anderson-Sanchez

Tracie Drayer Andrade

Saquib Asghar

Elizabeth Bagley

Concha Baquera

Terry Bava

BayCorp Holdings Ltd

Tom Beaton

Barbara Benson

Susan Birrell

Jack Blair

Tami Blanchard

Alex Bornstein

Jim Bowen

Terry Brackett

Robert & Lindsay Bradley

Christine Brady

Fritz and Vivian Branschofsky

Lasse Brautaset

Joseph & Meredith Braz

John Breuer

Jamie and Elisa J. Brickell

Bristol Animal Hospital

June “J.B.” Brown

Kevin Brown and Betsy Meinhardt

Matthew Brown

Billy and Blair Brownlee

Sharon Burde

Carter and Melissa Cafritz

Teresa Cahill

Margaret Carothers

Charles C. & Kathryn C. Chamberlain

Geoff and Heidi Chamberlain

Alice Chandler

David and Janet Chandler

Mimi Chen

Guy Cipriano

Leslie Clevenger

Clark Clipson

Margaret M. Collins

Kathleen and Douglas Colson

Amy W. Comport

James Cousounis

Christina Murdock Crawford

Julia Creighton

Ellen Culliton

Mary Dailey

Katherine Daly

Steven and Janie Dear

Millie Delgado

Steven and Mary K. Dennison

Ken & Elizabeth Favaro

Haley Feickert

Judith Fenson

Karen Ferguson

Anthony Fleischmann

Ivor and Barbara Freeman

Andrew Gallina

Tony and Val Garcia

Renee Giovarelli

Russell Gold

Michael and Brown Gorrell

Monica Greeley

Pamela Green

Thomas & Liliana Grip

Michael Gummeson

Hank and Anne Gutman

Nahela Hadi and Joe DePlasco

Linda Hammer

Susannah Hammersley

Jared Hardner

Shirl Harrington

Meg Harris and Raph Worrick

Ed Harvey

Ned and Liz Hazen

Jeffrey Henderson

Amanda Herzberger

Peter Hetz and Marianne Kuitert

Megan Thomas and Les Hill

Ken and Caroline Himmelman

J. F. Hodges

Kathleen C. Hoffman

Ron and Dianne Hoge

Steve & Jen Huettel

Margaret Hut

Mary Ives

Kathleen James and Alexandra Heintz

Phil & Susan James

Noah Johnson

Jill Jolliff

Andrea Jung

BK Kapella

William Kavan

Katie and Rick Kelley

Rich & Gina Kelley

Diana Kelly

Karim Keshavjee

Paul Kivuva

Craig Kollman

Gerritt and Ellie Kouwenhoven

Karin Kramer



Eric Kuto

Lisa Laberge

Joan Lander

Kendall Landis

Douglas Laue

Karin Lavigne

Lynne (Bezikos) LeBlanc

Andrew Leiser

Gail Leiser

Kathleen Letendre

Stella Ley

Lorraine Liberti

George & Jennifer Ligeti

David and  Elizabeth Lindenberg

Judy Lindsey

Todd & Jody Lindsey

Suzanne Lipscomb

Robert & Susan Lloyd

Julie Lovell

Micheal & Heidi Lynn

Duncan Macnichol

David Maldonado

Ellen Maloney

Sharon and Harold Manhart

Sona Manzo

Sylvie Mayer

Marilyn Mazur

James and Susan McCann

Sharla McCarron

Meri McCoy-Thompson

Angie McMonigal

Charles Meister

Richard Meister

Stephen Meister

John Melhus

Chad Miller

Lincoln Miller

William Miller

Juliann M Moenter

Mary Moffroid

Dennis Morreale

Carole and David Morris

Michael and Jane  Morrissey

Laura L. Mountcastle

Mark Mulert

Barbara Mullen

Hazel Murray

William and Joanne Muse

William Neale

Jackie Noonan

Sean O’Byrne

Susan O’Connell

Jamie and Gregory Odrezin

Ellen Ogden

Stanley Okin

Kate and George Orme

Kelly Orme

Alec Orphanidis

Wayne & Jess Paglieri

Amy Panitz

Linda M. Paquette

 Andrea Perkins

Randall Perkins

Nicholas Perzanoski

Martha Pfeiffer

Cecilia D. Pontoriero

Stephanie J. Purcell

Rick Raber

Mary Raiser

Sarah Johnson Redlich

Helen and Wayne Reiss

Monica Shelton Reusch

Abigail Shearer Robinson

Beth Robinson

Charlotte Robinson

William and Christina Rodgers

Louise Ross

Gian and Carmen Rossi-Espagnet

Ann Roth

Susan Ruben

Nancy Howe and James A. Russell

Tom Ryhiner

Nicholas Sang

Jyll Saskin

Tony Sheldon

Stephanie Sheldon-Watrous

Jean Siegchrist

Peter and Lillian Sivaslian

Linda Small

Tim & Denny Solso

Mary Stone

Debbie J. Forester Tear

Gretchen Thiele

Heather Thomas

Jack Thompson

James Thoroman

James Thoroman

Lars Tiffany

Nancy and Daniel Toscani

Allen Turner

Tracey Uy

Anne Marie Wachtmeister

Karen Weir Wachtmeister

Jeff Wagner

Kathleen Wallace

Cindy Ware

Nancy Weber

Charles Weinstein

Walter Werther

Sarah Wessling

Kara Wiegand

Dianne Willard

Ellen and James Wilner

Jane and Tom Wilner


Sang Yoon

Nan Yost

Debra Young

Emily Young

James and Colleen Young

Robert Young

Ryan Young

Patti Young-Guippone

Amy Zierler


Please let us know if your name is not on the list above (or if it is listed incorrectly) and you wanted your gift to be attributed to our crowd-funding campaign; it may have been attributed to our annual report campaign instead. Send an e-mail with the correct information to Thanks!