Did you know that an educated girl is less vulnerable to violence, can wait to marry until she’s ready, and often has fewer children? For girls living in extreme poverty, the difference is life changing.

Gano experienced this transformation first-hand when her mother Mekona became a BOMA participant. Mekona once struggled to feed her three children but was empowered to start a business, build savings, and enroll in formal financial services. Inspired by her mother’s example, Gano aspires to be a teacher — a dream her mother shares.

“I know if I work very hard, I can accomplish my goal. Because now, life is very different.” – Gano

At BOMA, we believe in the transformative power of empowering women like Mekona and educating girls like Gano. We mentor our entrepreneurs to invest in their daughters through education, nourishment, and opportunity. Data is rigorously collected to ensure that all children of BOMA participants — especially girls — are enrolled in school. Ultimately, by providing families with a path out of extreme poverty, BOMA is working to build a brighter future for girls in Africa’s drylands. We are investing in girls like Gano.

This Day of the Girl, Invest in Girls like Gano