In 2006, Jane Naimirdika was facing the worst drought that Kenya had seen in a decade. Fatefully, Jane had the opportunity the enroll in BOMA’s nascent Rural Entrepreneur Access Program (REAP) and earn the stability and security that she and her family needed.

“I formed a business group with two other women and felt so empowered by the mentorship and training I received,” Jane said. “I was worried about feeding my family, but BOMA changed that.”


After graduating from REAP, Jane focused on running her successful business. She began to feel a persistent desire to be an agent of change in her community and began volunteering to help women she knew.

“I was determined to be an example of a strong woman,” Jane said.

Today, Jane is exactly that. In the more than a decade since she joined team BOMA, Jane has helped thousands of women build a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities. As BOMA’s longest serving mentor, Jane plays a key role in implementing REAP and she currently serves 150 BOMA participants in 50 business groups.

“As a mentor, I love working with women. My role as a BOMA mentor is to guide them, train them, and see their challenges,” Jane said. “Assisting these women is my pride and I love it with a passion.”

Jane was empowered to lift her family out of extreme poverty by people like you, who invested in BOMA’s proven track record of success. Together, we’ve transformed the lives of more than 278,000 people like Jane but, as her story shows, the immense ripple effect of this work is incalculable.

“I would like to give my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the people who support BOMA,” Jane said. “I am praying they continue supporting these women who have been marginalized for a long time but are now recognized in the community.”

At BOMA, we believe that we can see the end of extreme poverty in Africa’s drylands during our lifetime. This Giving Tuesday, join our movement to build a brighter future.

Invest in Resilience this Giving Tuesday

By joining BOMA on Giving Tuesday, you’re proving that real progress can be made — even amid difficult times. Your investment directly supports BOMA’s work to empower those experiencing extreme poverty by providing a sustainable pathway to prosperity. BOMA’s approach works. So far, we’ve transformed the lives of more than 278,000 women and families. Let’s go further and leave no one behind.