Every mother dreams of giving her children a better life. But so many mothers live below the extreme poverty line, facing daily challenges just to provide food and basic needs.

This Mother’s Day, BOMA is celebrating more than 86,000 mothers and children who have been lifted out of extreme poverty in the arid lands of Eastern Africa. We’ve given them the tools they need to start small businesses and become self-reliant, so they can feed their families, pay for school fees and medical care, and accumulate savings.

We know our program is working: In a 2016 evaluation, we found that after two years, 94% of women have graduated from extreme poverty; 98% have savings; and there is an 81% decrease in the number of children going to bed without an evening meal.

Please see our Mother’s Day 2017 video, and hear how the BOMA Project has transformed the life of one participant and her family.

And check out our 2016 Annual Report to see how our model works, and our vision for lifting 1 million mothers and children out of extreme poverty by 2021.

Then…donate in honor of your mom, and in honor of moms everywhere.