BOMA founder and CEO Kathleen Colson will take the stage tomorrow to talk about BOMA’s innovative approach to helping women graduate from extreme poverty in Northern Kenya during a daylong TEDx event in Manchester, Vermont. A series of speakers will address the future of creativity in 18-minute presentations designed to present thought-provoking ideas and new approaches to global issues. Kathleen’s talk will be based on her belief that the developed world needs to be more thoughtful and creative about ways to address the problem of extreme poverty in Africa, and about how BOMA gives women the tools and resources they need to earn a sustainable income, build up savings and change their own lives. “We need to look at the human condition and the challenge to poverty in different ways, because what we’ve been doing hasn’t worked,” she says. Other speakers include actor Tim Daly, video-game and musical soundtrack pioneer Tommy Tallarico and master of ceremonies Tom Peters, a business management consultant who wrote the iconic book “In Search of Excellence.” To read more about the event, go to: To livestream the June 22 event, go to: