Mbaini Maringo, milking goat. Photo: David duChemin

Putting Proof Into Practice: The Road Ahead

When BOMA started to think about scaling up our efforts to end extreme poverty in the
drylands of Africa, we wanted to do more than demonstrate measurable impacts on a problem. We wanted to solve that problem.

BOMA’s target areas, the drylands of Africa, sit at the epicenter of extreme poverty, food insecurity, and repeated cycles of droughts caused by climate change. The situation is further exacerbated by degradation of rangeland, conflict over limited resources, and rural-to-urban migration. Our data-driven approach has demonstrated how we are transforming households living in extreme poverty — from increased incomes and savings to more children receiving medical care and attending school. But in order to break the repeated cycles of poverty and climate change we also have to transform how governments and non-governmental organizations deliver humanitarian aid and social protection programs. BOMA is helping to shape that transformation. 

We are looking forward to the road ahead—to putting the proof of our effectiveness into practice in order to transform the systems that will impact the lives of 1 million women and children by 2022.
Please click here to read our full 2017 Fourth Quarter Impact Report.