Spring HollisWe are excited to announce that Spring Hollis has joined The BOMA Project’s Board of Directors.

Spring Hollis is the CEO and founder of Star Strong Capital, a boutique alternative investment firm. Spring brings two decades of experience in financial services, previously serving as a portfolio manager at Park Cities Asset Manager and a managing director at Deutsche Bank in the Global Markets division.

Why did Spring join the BOMA Project?

In her words: “I’m excited about the opportunity to have a specific and tangible impact on women and families. Working with the ultra-poor communities of Sub-Saharan Africa has been a source of inspiration and perspective for me and my family.  BOMA’s work  has an exponential effect of addressing multiple societal issues concurrently.  It is humbling to be a part of an organization that empowers women to feed and educate themselves and their children with learning skills that are replicable and have a multi-generational impact.  My involvement with BOMA enables me to give back, which comes from the privilege of living in an environment where our experience of hardship doesn’t begin to measure against those of other communities.