Paulina Adapal and children, Ngaremare Village

“Now my children are well-fed. I am going to work hard for this business so they can continue their schooling to the end.”

Ever wonder what your donations accomplish in faraway places you have never heard of, may never visit, for people you may never meet?

We can answer that.

When you donate to BOMA, you are supporting women living in extreme poverty in some of the most challenging environments in the world. But, when you support BOMA, you are not just changing the life of those women, you are helping them transform their households and their communities for better.

Take the case of Paulina Adapal. Paulina is one of more than 30,000 women in Northern Kenya who has broken the vicious, intergenerational cycle of extreme poverty because of your help.

Paulina used to sell charcoal and watch her children go to bed hungry. That was before she enrolled in BOMA’s program. She is a proud BOMA graduate and a businesswoman now.

Paulina says BOMA gave her more than a source of income. It is helping her change her way of life and her community. From the money she earned from her business, she started a small garden where she grows vegetables for her family. She is able to feed and send her five children to school. She stopped selling charcoal.

“I now know now that making charcoal hurts our trees and hurts our land,” she says. “I tell other women that we do not need to do this charcoal business. I have stopped and they can too.”

Watch this video to learn more about Paulina

You may never meet Paulina and her children, but you are changing their lives for the better. You are also helping her change her community. Thank you!!

In 2020, 17,000 more women like Paulina will enter BOMA’s program. By 2022, our goal is to help more than 1 million women and children break the intergenerational cycle of extreme poverty.

To get there, we urgently need your support. And right now, your gift goes twice as far. Your donation will be matched by one of our supporters, doubling your impact.

On this day of giving thanks, we ask you to consider making a gift to BOMA to give hope to thousands of women like Paulina and help end extreme poverty in the drylands of Africa.

With profound gratitude,

John Stephens, Executive Director, and the BOMA Team


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