The BOMA Logo

The logo is an integral part of the BOMA brand and should be used thoughtfully and consistently. The unique “O” in our logo represents the place where our impact is felt most — in the “BOMA.” In Kenya, a BOMA is a sancturary for families and their most precious assets, like livestock. Within our logo, the BOMA represents the vital role of livelihoods, self-reliance, dignity, security, and community. BOMA’s logo embodies our roots and mission in Africa. Like the colorful rings in the “O,” of BOMA, our impact ripples outward into families and communities.

We should be proud of our logo and what it represents, so use it with confidence and at clearly legible sizes. Avoid placing our logo too close to the edge of photos, over figures or faces, or in areas where it may be cut off. The logo should lock into the top-left corner in most cases, always observing the clear space guidance. On digital applications there will be occasions when this isn’t suitable, in these circumstances we position it in the most suitable corner. Exceptions can be made when the logo is placed on photography to ensure visibility and adherence to clearance guidelines. In addition to this we can use our logo locked up into typography, this should be applied with care – and only be used when a creative application will benefit from doing so.

There are multiple versions of the BOMA logo:

Full Color Logo

Full Color Logo with Tagline

Full Color Logo with URL

Mono-tone Logo

Mono-tone Logo with Tagline

Mono-tone Logo with URL