Happy World Humanitarian Day!

Today we are joining others in celebrating the remarkable spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the world. We are constantly inspired by stories of other like-minded humanitarians and organizations who dare to take on big problems that are deemed by many to be unsolvable. In the words of our CEO and Co-Founder, Kathleen Colson, “it would be easy to be pessimistic, but pessimism has never changed the world.”


Director of Field Operations and Co-founder, Ahmed Kura, and Kathleen Colson, CEO and Co-founder, visit business groups in Korr, Kenya.

At BOMA, we could not accomplish all that we do without our dedicated humanitarians in the field. Our remarkable Mentors and Field Officers face adversity every day in order to help improve the lives of thousands of women and families.

We also would like to thank YOU, our supporters, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us share BOMA’s mission and the stories of our remarkable participants.

With your help, we can’t wait to see what we will be able to accomplish in the coming months and years.

Thank you.