BOMA’s mission is to provide the people and governments of Africa’s drylands with economic inclusion programs that increase resilience to multiple crises.

Our vision is to see the end of extreme poverty in Africa’s drylands by building lasting resilience to economic and environmental shocks.

Since our work began in 2009, BOMA has become a leader in poverty graduation programming. If you’ve been alongside BOMA on our journey, you may remember us as The BOMA Project. In 2023, our organization is evolving to simply, “BOMA,” to reflect our growth. Accordingly, our website has moved to

BOMA’s brand has also evolved to reflect our growing, global organization. As a trailblazer in proximate leadership, BOMA’s brand is authentically African. From our name, evoking the familial sanctuaries where much of our work begins, to BOMA’s trademark colors drawn from vibrant Samburu beadwork, these unique elements continue to anchor BOMA’s brand as we expand to new geographies, populations, and partnerships. To help our friends and partners utilize BOMA’s brand, we have compiled the following resources for your use:

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